Opps! Gotcha kid!

By: Kahry Wright

     In December, 1998, two families in the Russian town Ural Mountains had children on the same day.  Each family took their baby girl home and treated them as any family would. One family cared for Anya, the other, for Irina.  The only problem was, that for the past twelve years they were raising the wrong children. While still in the local maternity hospital, the babies were given wrong name tags and handed back to the wrong families.

This mix up went on without notice until the ex-husband of Yuliya Belyaeva, one of the mothers, refused to pay maintenance for their daughter, Irina, saying she looked nothing like him. After going to court, DNA test then backed up his theory, showing that neither of the parents was biologically related to Irina.

Police then searched for and found the biological parents of Irina, who were raising Anya, the daughter of the Belyaevas. Once they met there was no doubt in Ms Belyaeva mind, saying, “Their daughter, Anya, was blond and looked just like me and my ex-husband. And our daughter was dark-skinned and had dark hair and looked like the other father. He’s a Tajik, and she looked just like him.”

Neither daughter, however, wants to go to their ‘real’ parents, so both Anya and Irina will stay where they are.

Both families are now demanding 5m roubles (£101,000: $158,300) in damages. But they cannot press criminal charges against individual staff because so many years have passed since the babies were handed to the wrong parents.

This is may be looked at as extremely misfortunate for both girls, but obviously each family is happy with everyone who is in their family and that is what makes a family; love from everyone to everyone.

For more information check out http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-15244382


4 comments on “Opps! Gotcha kid!

  1. There are many cases like this, and they almost always turn out in favor of the children staying with the parents who raised them. Imagine being notified that your parents aren’t your real parents, and that you’ve been living with the wrong family for 12 years. That’s just horrible. If life ever has hard decisions, this is definitely the top of the list. It’s deciding what life your going to live. You just don’t know who you are.

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  3. This is really interesting! I can not imagine it if I was switched at birth. What I want to know is how do the girls feel knowing that they’ve grown up with the wrong parents their entire lives? Will they try to remain a part of each other’s lives or will they try to stay away and try to get things back to normal? Great article!

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